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    Our original bathroom was outside of the restaurant.

Old Lee's Sign

    Lee Franks purchased Al's Place, a twelve seat beer joint in the fall of 1945. The first addition was already in progress. Lee's wife Alice was looking through a Sears catalog one afternoon and spotted a table-top deep fryer. She bought it to make french fries at Lee's Tavern, which was a novelty for the time. One afternoon a customer requested fried chicken. Alice went out back and slaughtered a chicken preparing it by her family recipes from Louisiana. The chicken was a hit and from there Lee's Chicken was born. Lee & Alice would add on to the existing structure eleven times including added kitchen work space, two private dining rooms, and an apartment above the now famous restaurant.

    Lee Franks sold the well known establishment to Paul C. (Ozzie) and Janice L. Wilcoxen Jr. in 1969. Oz & Jan have brought Lee's into the new millenium by keeping the same recipes and practices in place producing the now famous chicken that is raved about by customers. The Wilcoxen's still own the restaurant today with their son in law Dennis Kann helping to manage the business. 

Lee                      Lee Franks-Circa 1950's

Wilcoxen Family    Ozzie & Janice Wilcoxen with their daughters Milli & Michelle, Circa 1970's

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